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Laptop Repairs in Cape Town South Africa

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Computer tune-up/Computer Virus Removal

  • Remove hard drive and scan contents for viruses and spyware/malware
  • Multilevel malware/virus/spyware/trojan screening and removal
  • Manually remove all malicious software not quarantined and deleted
  • Install any relevant anti-spyware software
  • Check for the current version of anti-virus
  • Industrial strength detection tools
  • Guaranteed 100% removal of threats

Other hardware repairs

Laptop Keyboard replacement, Battery replacement, DC Jack replacement, RAM, Hard drive and  SSD upgrades, CPU Fan and heatsink replacement, Logic board/motherboard replacement, optical drive replacement, and many more.


Does Netlink do call-outs?

Yes, we do. We will come to you. Finding the most reliable laptop repair shop requires references and mobility. Sometimes you can’t leave your house or your laptop can’t leave the office. We totally understand that, which is why our friendly and expert service technicians can come to you. Our call-out fee is as low as R300.00

Why to choose us?
  • 12 years of exceptional laptop parts supply and repair service
  • We offer the quickest turn-around time of fewer than 48 hours
  • Centrally located in the middle of Cape Town with the quickest collections
  • Overnight delivery and collection nationwide at your doorstep
  • We repair in your convenience, time and place with our couriers and callouts systems
  • We stock an extensive variety of high-quality laptop service parts
  • We diagnose all problems at free of cost, no service no pay after diagnostics
  • We offer the best price for laptop repairs in the market with top-notch quality service
  • We repair and stock parts for all Laptop brands no brand is left out
  • Highly qualified, honest and experienced technicians who are always more than happy to serve
  • Easy payment systems from the credit, woo-commerce, Eft to Cash
  • Extended repair warranties and effective after-sale service follow-ups
Why would a laptop turn on only for few seconds and then immediately shuts down?

The problem is caused due to short circuit in motherboard for most of the cases. We recommend that, do not power up your laptop to avoid further damage and just call us to fix the issue.

What are the most common causes of Motherboard Failure?
  • Power surges or unstable voltage / Fluctuation of Voltage.
  • Accidental drop that subjects components to unnecessary shock.
  • Overheating / Fan failure.
  • Dust can accumulate very fast in fans causing them to fail.
  • Smoke or dust particles saturation.
  • Liquid/Moisture Damage.
  • Highly used or old laptop.
  • Failure of the fan due to overheating.
  • Any physical damage or crash.
What steps must I follow If liquid split on my laptop?

Do not power up your laptop otherwise, the liquid can cause damage to the motherboard in the form of short circuit. Just give it to us and we can diagnose the exact problem with estimated repair cost as well. It will take approximately 48 hours to get repaired.

What are some of the signs of Motherboard Failure?
  • Initially start-up functions such as the sound of hard drive, fan, indicative light appears but after 3-5 minutes, it disappears.
  • A sound or noise with high pitch will occur.
  • When starting up, a fan may spin but  still no display and in that instance, the hard drive would have already also stopped to functioning
What are some of the Signs and problems associated with overheating?

Common overheating problems include your laptop shutting down after 15-20 minutes of use, or turning off when you try to watch videos or perform other graphics-intensive processes.

What are some of the ways we address overheating on laptops
  • Our fan is the likely culprit – The fan is the only moving part in charge of cooling your laptop. If the laptop is overheating, this is the first place you should look. Whether the fan needs to be cleaned or replaced, we can help!
  • The thermal paste may need to be reapplied – Your computer transfers heat from the CPU/GPU through the heat sink and out of your laptop. Thermal paste allows the heat to transfer properly, but occasionally the thermal paste may dry up! If this is the case, we can help
  • Heatstroke kills – Don’t let your laptop become a victim of the heat. If you’re having heat issues with your laptop, let us help before it’s too late!